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Victorian Era Recipes

Recipes from The Complete Home, 1879

Pain Perdue

Cut stale bread into pretty shapes; dip it into egg and flour, fry in butter to a bright brown, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Yorkshire Pudding

When roasting a piece of beef, lay it on sticks in your baking pan, so that the juice from the meat will drop into the pan below. Three-quarters of an hour before the beef is done mix the following pudding and pour into the pan under the meat, letting the drippings continue to fall upon it: One pint milk, four eggs well beaten, two cups flour, one teaspoon of salt.

Apple Jonathan

Line the sides of only a pudding dish with some nice paste, and fill it full of juicy, tender apples, peeled and sliced, with a little water to keep them moist. Cover the top of the dish with paste and bake until the apples are soft, then remove the crust and mash the apples while while hot, adding sugar, butter, grated nutmeg and a little flavoring if desired. When cool, serve with rich cream, sweetened, flavored and whipped to a stiff froth, or the cream may be used without whipping. Either way the dish is delicious.

Averyl's note: Measurements were not listed for this recipe. Just use a lot of everything!


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