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Victorian Mourning 3 Stereoviews & Funeral Memorial Card

Four items for one price goes to the collector of Victorian mourning ephemera. I am offering three stereoviews and one memorial card.

Victorian Memorial Card- Vandyke Photo and Art Co, Phila, PA. Good condition, small specs of white (paint?) on surface. John Lancaster, Died February 21, 1894, aged 79 years, 8 mos, 8 days.

The Garden of Sleep Stereoview- Yokohama, Japan. Very good condition. A grieving man bows down over a burial plot in a Japanese graveyard. Explanation of Buddhism and Buddhist graveyards on the back.

The Orphan at their Mother's Grave Stereoview- Stereoscopic Groups, Copyrighted by Melander & Bro, 1876. Good condition with some soiling and wear. Two girls lean on a gravestone, one is crying, the other looking forlorn. A smaller girl lays on her mother's burial plot. The ghost of their mother can be seen behind them in the form of an angel.

The Scene from Kingston Hospital Stereoview- No maker, good condition with wear and some soiling. Image of sick patients in bed wearing gowns. Nurse by bedside.


Terms of Sale: First bought, first sold basis. I ship to the US only. Antiques are described to the best of my ability. If you believe I have grossly misrepresented an item I will refund your purchase price if you first notify me via email within one business day of delivery and I grant a return authorization. Any returned items must be in the same condition as originally sold to you. You pay for shipping the item back, insured. My company Hillstock has been in business since 2002 and I have only had very satisfied customers! My contact information will be on your receipt. Buy with confidence! ~Averyl

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