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Victorian Clip Art of Flowers Free for Personal Use

Averyl's Rules of Use: The Victorian clip art images I am offering for free are for personal use only. You are permitted to use up to three images on your non-commercial web site provided that you post to your web site: "Victorian clip art courtesy of Averyl's Attic:". You can incorporate the Victorian images into your web site design, however redistributing the images is strictly prohibited. That means you can't offer them for download. Simply save up to three Victorian images on your hard drive. Do not link to the images on our server. Do not use any other images from Averyl's Attic other than those that are marked as free; they are part of the site design and are not for the taking. The free victorian images remain © Averyl Hill (they are not copyright-free). Once they are on your site, simply send me the link through my contact form.

Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers.jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (1).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (2).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (3).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (4).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (5).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (6).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (7).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (8).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (9).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (10).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (11).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (12).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (13).jpg
Free Victorian Clip Art Flowers (14).jpg


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