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100 Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments 1940's-1950's

Indents * Poland * West Germany * Shiny Brite * Pink * Striped* Starburst * Bells * Mica

This collection of vintage glass Christmas ornaments are from the 1940's - 1950's. They were purchased by Averyl at Maine estate sales. There are indents, many of them with pink! Also for pink lovers are some with atomic starburst art! Some have mica, hand painted accents and sentiments or stripes. There are silver bell shaped ornaments and one unsilvered with an aluminum tree sprig. There are seventy-six medium and large sized ornaments with special shapes, colors or treatments. Names imprinted on the caps include Shiny brite, Made in USA, Poland and West Germany. The remaining twenty-four ornaments are the Shiny Brite mini ornaments in the two boxes above right; one set is silver, the other red. These do not come with caps.

The ornaments show normal wear from their age like some discoloration or minor paint loss which is part of the vintage charm. None of them are cracked or broken!

Not shown in the pictures are three teardrop ornaments and a very large ornament too big to fit into any of the box partitions.

Because these are extraordinarily fragile we will be using a lot of packing materials to ensure they reach you safely. Only one lot available!

Sorry, this item is no longer available.


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